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Do you need more space?

Rochester General Contractors is a premier home remodeler specializing in room additions. In this day and age moving into a bigger home may not be the best option. Adding to your existing home is an inexpensive way to create space and add value to your home.

Room Additions

Room additions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, they are much like people. Room additions can be plain and simple or extravagant. RGC has built everything from small room additions - less than 80 square feet to 2,400 square foot room additions.

In summary, adding a Room Addition can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Building a room addition, such as a family room addition, or bonus room can add wonderful new living space to your home. However, prior to starting a room addition, a homeowner should first formulate a room addition plan. That is where RGC comes in. Review information and view our galleries of previous jobs to assist you with your planning.

Addition Sunroom Sunrooms are a beautiful addition to your home, adding value to your property, creating extra space and offering a unique way to enjoy the outside all year round. Sunrooms are significantly more cost effective, easier to install, and cause less mess than construction of ordinary room additions; not to mention take much less time to construct. You'll save money on heating and cooling costs and get to enjoy outdoor living indoors all year long in your spectacular Four Seasons Sunroom.

Sunrooms are much more than just room additions; sunrooms provide a sanctuary for you and your family and are designed to enhance your lifestyle. The combination of natural light and comfort ensures that a sunroom is the most used room in your home. See our sunroom gallery for different ideas that sunrooms can be used for.

Addition Kitchen The kitchen is the most used room in your home. Holidays, parties and meals are just some of the things you use your kitchen for. If you need more room call RGC. We will go over options for expanding your kitchen to make the amazing kitchen you have always wanted. Adding onto your kitchen can turn a decent sized kitchen into a cozy and comfortable kitchen suitable for entertaining. Add benches, islands, bump outs and more to make your dream kitchen now!

Addition Bumpout It's really kind of amazing how much of a difference a space like this can make. The uses are only as limited as your imagination! Here are a few ideas:

  • More cabinet or seating space in a kitchen
  • A light filled breakfast nook
  • A window seat in a bedroom or office
  • A small little corner to paint or do crafts
  • The list could just go on and on. What would you use it for?

Addition Bathroom The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house, which is why it is so important to have enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone in the home. Create the bathroom of your dreams! Expand your boring bathroom and make it a luxurious master bath or simply add a bathroom to make your family's life easier. Are you ready to add a bathroom to your home? In the past, 1 bathroom would meet most homeowners need, but today for a variety of reasons, 2, 3, 4 and more bathrooms can be found in homes across the country. RGC also specializes in luxury bath additions. Add a large jacuzzi bathtub or create a larger shower with jets! The choices are unlimited!