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Are you looking for an interior painter? Do you need cabinets installed? With over 35 years’ experience, Rochester General Contractors specializes in interior remodeling and improvement projects. Our wide range of services includes tile work, counter top installation, drywall repairs, flooring and more. We offer quality and reliable service that you can count on.

Rochester General Contractors handles everything from repairs to complete tear-outs. Whether you need help in your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, basement, laundry room or anywhere else, our home improvement professionals will arrive at your home with all the tools and equipment they need to get the job done right.

Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors offer an excellent way to instantly raise the value of a home. Potential home buyers are willing to spend more on a home if it has wooden floors, and there’s little question why. The natural grooves and knots of hardwood floors captivate and inspire, its natural qualities are durable and will last a lifetime, and they never go out of style.

Hardwood has been a popular flooring choice for hundreds of years for its many fine qualities. If you’ve ever been to an historic house that had hardwood floors, there’s a good chance you walked on the original floors. Those floors make for a great example of what solid hardwood can do for a home. Their natural durability will maintain for years. Should the floor ever become scratched or worn looking, it can simply be sanded and refinished to restore its original color or to create a new look.

Engineered hardwood makes for another great investment in a home. While its composition doesn’t give it the same lifespan as solid hardwood, it does boast many other fine qualities that give it other advantages. Engineered hardwood’s base layer is typically made with high-density fiberboard. This gives it enhanced sturdiness and moisture resistance, making it a better option for areas with high humidity than a solid wood floor. The top layer is in fact real wood and can be refinished, just not as many times as solid hardwood.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile instalation

Why choose tile?

With so many colors, patterns and sizes to choose from, there are countless ways to make use of tile in your home. A long-time favorite in bathrooms, tile is just as suitable in kitchens for its ability to resist spills. And you can lend other living spaces throughout your home a touch of style, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

No matter what your architectural style, there’s a tile solution to bring your vision to life. And tile isn’t merely a trendy choice, either. It’s been an admired flooring for years and will continue to be a great way to bring lasting beauty and value to your home.

Tile is modular, which allows you to be creative in how you assemble your floor. You can put large tiles together for an expansive look. Set them at angles to grow small spaces, or use insets for a custom look.


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Your interior remodeling project does not look complete until the trim and molding has been added. Rochester General Contractors specializes in crown molding, baseboard trim and casing installations. Crisp and tight paint trim sets a clean quality to your home. Our professionals are ready to help you choose the perfect trim for your home.

Interior molding adds elegance to the inside of your home. From baseboards to crown molding, add diverse moldings to your home that will show off your style as well as adding architectural interest. If more space is needed, try adding a glamorous spiral stair case. Spiral stairs are a great alternative to straight stairs and offer a unique classical look.

Whether you go with straight stairs or spiral, balusters a re the bones of a any stair railing system. Available in a wide variety of finishes, iron balusters are made for interior stair construction and offer a classic design. No stair design is complete without the addition of the central pole, called newels. These poles support the handrail of a stair banister and inspire beauty while holding strong for the life of your stairs.