Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

If you want to improve your home, either to raise its resale value or simply improve your quality of life, there are few ways that are more effective than remodeling your kitchen. We depend on our kitchens every day to allow us to cook, store and enhance our food in a reliable and efficient way. But what if your kitchen is outdated or in a state of disrepair? Or what if your kitchen is perfectly fine on the outside but you’re simply not happy with an aspect of its design? No matter what your issue with your kitchen might be, RGC can help you today.

What issues would you most like to address in your kitchen?

  • Do You Need More Storage Space? If so you might want to consider Kurtis’ line of stunning, custom-made cabinetry from great brands like KraftMaid, Wellborn and UltraCraft. Using these products we can increase the storage space of your kitchen dramatically, greatly improving its functionality.
  • Does Its Aesthetic Not Match Your Ideal Look? Even if your kitchen is entirely functional, looks are extremely important. If your kitchen doesn’t match the aesthetic of your overall home, or you simply have a vision for the space which clashes with its current design, there’s no reason you should have to live with an unsatisfactory space a moment longer. We can tailor your kitchen to your aesthetic preferences with a host of countertop, flooring and lighting options available in a wide range of looks and styles.
  • Is it Not Large or Open Enough? Every family is different. Perhaps your kitchen simply was not tailored to yours. For those who live alone or with a partner a smaller kitchen might be perfectly fine, but those with large families may require more space. Plus, there are other considerations. If you’re using your kitchen as a dining room you’ll need enough space for the table. If you have small children you’ll need to make sure there are no hazards or design choices which could make traveling through the kitchen difficult for them. RGC can help redesign your Kitchen’s layout to match your needs.
  • Are Your Appliances Outdated? If so, RGC Kitchens has you covered with our remarkable line of kitchen appliances from trusted brands like KitchenAid, Magic Chef Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana and more. We have everything you could ever need, from dishwashers to refrigerators. Simply ask and we’ll find you the perfect product.

If you’d like to improve your kitchen don’t delay. Call RGC today.

Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling

More than any other room in the house we place demands on the functionality of our bathrooms. They are full of key appliances, the kind which we rely on every single day. However, just because the main focus of the bathroom is on its functionality that doesn’t mean that its look should be ignored, or even marginalized. In many cases bathrooms are designed to serve their purpose in the most basic way possible, when in fact with a little work, and a skilled re-modeler, they can be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home. Here are a few reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom today.

  • Your Bathroom’s Look Isn’t Ideal: Some of us take the look of our bathroom for granted, once again placing its functionality over its attractiveness. However, with a little bit of effort you can turn your kitchen into something absolutely beautiful. Kurtis Kitchen and Bath offers counter top and flooring options in a wide range of looks and styles to ensure that you’ll be able to find the perfect look for your bathroom. Remember, there’s no reason your bathroom shouldn’t look as great as the rest of your home. Kurtis can help.
  • You Need to Alter Your Bathroom’s Functionality: Over time our needs change. If you’ve recently become disabled or had your mobility impaired, or there’s another person living in your home with the same issues, you can alter your bathroom to make it handicap accessible today. Simply redesigning the layout of your bathroom can do wonders for those with mobility concerns, and there’s plenty more RGC can do as well.
  • Your Fixtures Could Be Improved: The fixtures present in a bathroom are obviously its centerpiece. The toilet, bathtub and bathroom sink are all of obvious importance. Therefore, if one of them is not performing at an adequate level you’ll want to replace it quickly with a more effective product. Having an inefficient toilet or tub can dramatically increase your monthly water bills, and if one of your items is leaking those bills can go up astronomically over time. That’s not to mention that damage to these items might impair their functionality, and considering their importance in our daily lives that’s a big problem. If your fixtures aren’t performing the way they should in any way, or if they’re simply just not up to date, Kurtis can help with brand new fixtures from brands like American Standard, Delta, Koehler, Jacuzzi, Toto and Mountain. With our help you can have the most effective, efficient, state-of-the-art fixtures available today.

If you’re looking to improve the look or functionality of your bathroom just call RGC today.

Rochester General Contractors has the following certifications:

CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist)

What is aging-in-place?
In plain English, aging-in-place means remaining in one’s home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level. It means the pleasure of living in a familiar environment throughout one’s maturing years, and the ability to enjoy the familiar daily rituals and the special events that enrich all our lives. It means the reassurance of being able to call a house a “home” for a lifetime.

Benefits of the CAPS Designation

Recognition for completing the only national designation program dedicated to improving the knowledge of remodelers who want to serve the fastest growing segment of the residential remodeling market. Technical knowledge to solve the remodeling needs of the aging-in-place population Greater understanding of the aging-in-place population.

Certified Renovator

The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently enacted new regulations affecting contractors performing renovation work in residential dwellings or child-occupied facilities built before 1978. This regulation is called “Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program” (RRP). Beginning in April 2010, any renovation work (including painting) which disturbs painted surfaces in residential dwellings or child-occupied facilities built before 1978, must be performed by persons trained in lead-safe work practices, with specific responsibilities for a new discipline of “Certified Renovator”.

Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR)

Certified Graduate Remodeler is an exclusive professional designation designed to emphasize business management skills as the key to a professional remodeling operation. The CGR designation requires that graduates meet prescribed standards of business practice, possess a minimum of five years remodeling industry experience, have a proven track record of successful project management, complete a comprehensive education curriculum, and pledge to uphold the program’s code of ethics.